London School of Trends is a premier fashion school with over two decades of rich experience in the fashion and design industry. We feel proud to have moulded the careers of several top names in fashion. LST believes in nurturing the talent and creativity of its students to bring out their maximum potential. Our teaching methodology maximizes student-teacher interaction through project-based assignments and practical hands-on training, so students are prepared for a real world career in the fashion and design industry.

LST has close associations with institutions globally and exclusively with INIFD in Asia. This is the reason why we take extra care to reach out to the candidates of foreign origin and ensure that they get the best fashion training that a city like London has to offer, at a cost that is affordable. We make sure that when candidates sign up for a programme with LST, they get the best options for staying, studying and experiencing the intense and bustling fashion capital and its colorful culture. We understand student apprehensions and have designed our programme to suit their educational needs and provide them a stable environment.


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The British Accreditation Council (BAC) is an independent body, established in 1984 'to improve and enhance the standards of independent institutions of further and higher education by the establishment of a system of accreditation'.

BAC works in close collaboration with accreditation schemes operated by the British Council (in the field of English as a Foreign Language) and the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council.

The system of accreditation established by the three bodies was described by Rt. Hon. John MacGregor, Secretary of State in 1990, as 'the only public guarantee of standards in independent institutions of further and higher education in the UK'.

LST has been recognized efficiently by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider for further and higher education.