• Fashion Blogging taught by three of our College Tutors
  • Course made up of study and research assignments graded by our tutors
  • Learn online, on any device and browser over a 12 month period
  • Every successful student will get a certificate of completion from London School of Trends.


London School of Trends a leading London Fashion College and part of the INIFD Global brings you an exclusive e-learning course on Fashion Blogging. Giving serious followers of fashion an opportunity to join the ranks of top fashion bloggers like Sasha Wilkins (named Best Fashion Twitter Feed in Marie Claire 2012 Online Awards & Blogger of the Year) and Kavita Donkersley, who not only do what they love but get paid for it. Our E-learning courses are built to the same standard as our classroom courses but give our students a chance to learn from anywhere and at their own pace over a 12-month period.


Following London School of Trends teaching philosophy, Our Online Course is highly interactive with assignments and video lectures so good, that you will hardly miss the classroom experience of our traditional courses. Our responsive Online Courses hub gives you the freedom of studying on your tablet, PC or smart phone. The course includes study & research based on fashion blogs, it also comes with associated assignments that students must finish and submit. The submitted assignments will be assessed by the subject tutor, who will then give feedback, enabling the learner to track their own progress. Upon course completion, learners are awarded with a certificate of completion from London School of Trends.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Fashion Blogging - Choosing the right name, Choosing a suitable platform, Developing your portfolio, Planning
  • Module 2: Developing Content - Developing a niche, Developing your writing style, Post Ideas - outfit posts - covering events - giveaways, Creating content guidelines, Understanding the difference between editorial & promotional content
  • Module 3: Creating Your Brand - Brand development - your direction, Role of social media in branding, Collaborations & sponsorships, Connect with your readers, Socializing - fellow bloggers - fashion weeks, Brand expansion
  • Module 4: Your Website - Creating & maintaining your website, Understanding copyright & avoiding lawsuits, Blog statistics, Dealing with negative comments
  • Module 5: Blogging For Your Business - Outline your strategy - business plan, Online magazines & content mills, Understanding monetization - videos & content, Learn where you should and shouldn't money, SEO - search engine optimization, Difference between advertorial content, sponsored posts & paid reviews, Develop affiliate revenue channels, Discover other revenue opportunities, Accounting

TAUGHT BY Clodagh Norton - Fashion Blogging

Specialty: Fashion Blogging

  • Experienced Fashion Journalist & Editor
  • Strong in blogging, social media & fashion reporting
  • PR & Brand consultant to emerging fashion businesses

TAUGHT BY Rania Kouros - Fashion Blogging

Specialty: Fashion Blogging

  • Blogs for London Fashion Week
  • Experienced Lifestyle Blogger
  • Featured in Grazia Magazine

TAUGHT BY Diana Kakkar - Fashion Blogging

Specialty: Fashion Blogging

  • Economics & Fashion Background, offering a perspective on monetization
  • Runs her own blog, empowering aspiring bloggers
  • Designer for Global Brands across the World

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