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If you have a desire to reach anticipated goals and need motivation and insight as how to strategize your way towards success, consider taking the Luxury Brand Management course.

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Course Modules

  • Module 1: The history of luxury - History and heritage of luxury, The social aspect of luxury today, An overview of luxury today
  • Module 2: The luxury models through history - From Chanel to Dior - The Pyramid Model, Yves Saint Laurent - Pret-A-Porter, Gucci & Leather Goods - Success in Asia, Giorgio Armani - The Galaxy Model
  • Module 3: Luxury identity - The identity prism, The nine signatures of the brands
  • Module 4: Luxury clientele - The different luxury clientele, Relationship with the product or with the logo?, Luxury by Continents, A different approach to segmentation, Product, Service, Dream, History
  • Module 5: Luxury market overview
  • Module 6: Luxury market overview continued
  • Module 7: The Luxury environment - The luxury environment, The drivers of change in the luxury industry, Brand stretching
  • Module 8: Luxury branding - What is a brand, Brand positioning, Specification of luxury in branding
  • Module 9: Positioning and communication - Why traditional marketing does not work in luxury, Positioning in luxury
  • Module 10: Marketing mix for success - Marketing mix as a key to success, The 7 Ps
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