Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship - One Month Course

Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship represents the "behind the scenes", the business side of fashion, the commercial aspect of a brand that determines its success, along with its creativity. The Course develops the relationship between the creative and business aspects within a fashion brand.

Participants in the short programme for Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship will be able to opt for an independent path by becoming entrepreneurs or choose a career in one of the several departments that make a fashion brand, from buying & merchandising, through the marketing, PR & communication department, without forgetting visual merchandising and logistic. The short programme will shed an introductory light on the essential elements that go into fashion marketing and facilitate participants in identifying which specific area they would like to explore in greater detail, either through a full-time study programme in Fashion Marketing or through an internship in a fashion house or retail business. The Course has a focus on business models and the current status of the global fashion and design industry.

The short Course in Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship is designed to introduce key concepts and provide knowledge of how marketing strategies and management skills are incorporated with technology to gain an understanding of the various segments of the fashion and design industry. The participants will also explore how creative entrepreneurship and effective marketing can respond to and grow in a fast paced industry that is driven by change.

The short programme in Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship will include nine modules of study and research work.

Course Themes

  • Entrepreneurship in the fashion and design industry
  • Current Global Fashion Climate - Overview
  • Research and Interpretation of Global - Fashion Trends
  • Analysis of Consumer Profiles
  • Business Structure for Starting a Fashion - Label
  • Practical Aspects of Running a Fashion - Business
  • Pros and Cons of being an Entrepreneur
  • Understanding a Business Plan
  • Costing and Pricing
  • The relationship between creativity, entrepreneurship and fashion business.
  • Different business models within the fashion and design industry
  • Buying & Merchandising
  • Visual merchandising
  • Communication as key success factor

Teaching and learning methods

  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Practical workshops
  • Field trips
  • Field visits
  • Final assignment – Industry Based
  • Blended learning

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of Course students will be able to: understand the global fashion business, the key aspect of managing different departments of a fashion brand, developing the ability to choose a preferred pathway for a future career.

Understand the role of the fashion entrepreneur and its role in the modern and global fashion business, the differences between business models that regulate the industry and the key issues that are recurrent in the world of fashion.

An overview of the relationship between creativity and marketing, a modern issue of the fashion and design industry.

Marketing Mix as key for success in the fashion and design industry. The seven elements of the Marketing Mix and their relationship with fashion.

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Accredited by the British Accreditation Council